About Medúlla

Medúlla is Björk's fifth full-length solo album. Released in 2004, it is almost completely composed of vocals/acappella.

There are many guest artists featured on the album, including Tagaq, Robert Wyatt, Rahzel, Dokaka, Shlomo, and Mike Patton. It also features beatboxing, throat singing, and choral arrangements.


01. Pleasure Is All Mine
02. Show Me Forgiveness
03. Where Is The Line
04. Vökuró
05. Öll Birtan
06. Who Is It
07. Submarine
08. Desired Constellation
09. Oceania
10. Sonnets / Unrealities XI
11. Ancestors
12. Mouth's Cradle
13. Miðvikudags
14. Triumph Of A Heart
15. Komið (Japan only)

Full lyrics and special song info can be found on Björk's website. For more information on the album, check out the special Medúlla page on Björk's website. To listen to 30 second samples of the songs check out the album's page on last.fm. (The tracks are a bit out of order, but it's still a good place to check it out).

"Oceania" Music Video

"Who Is It" Music Video

"Triumph of a Heart" Video