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DVD Screencaps of the Medúlla Music Videos can be found at Galleries. It is also possible to download them in bulk, by zip files, at this page. These caps were taken by myself, and are intended for use in fanarts and the like.

Please do not redistribute the caps. Credit is not required, but it does help other people find the caps. And it never hurts to have more cool artwork, right?


1280 x 768 | 1024 x 768

Textures from: Brasaremean, Discolore, Loleia, and Pixelfun

This wallpaper and vectorization was made by me, please don't edit or distribute this elsewhere without permission. It is for personal use only.


Textures used in the layout are from Loveicon, Distractiions, Ullaaa, FEEL and Texture King.

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